Home Again Consignment Furniture in Boardman Ohio has compiled a comprehensive guide on how to buy used furniture, particularly consignment pieces. We’ll help you discover essential tips for buying used items, the best online secondhand furniture stores, how to maintain your pieces, and even how to resell your items (by using our services, preferably!)

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We’re glad you’re here! Let’s dive into the best tips and tricks for buying used consignment furniture from local or online retailers.

Tips for Buying Used Consignment Furniture

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Buying a piece of used furniture can often be like treasure hunting – you never know when you might find that perfect sofa or dresser hidden in a consignment shop or online marketplace. However, there are few best practices to consider when perusing for your next furniture find.

How to Identify Quality in Used Furniture?

One of the main factors to consider when buying secondhand furniture is the quality. It’s important to inspect the piece carefully – check the upholstery, and the stability of the piece, and don’t forget to examine each drawer and fixture. Secondhand pieces often come with a history, so it’s important to ensure the piece has been looked after and is in good condition. Be on the lookout for any stains, tears, or signs of infestation such as bed bugs or termites. Quality fabrics and materials tend to last longer, so opt for furniture made of solid wood rather than particle board.

Inspect the piece for any signs of damage. Check if the legs or arms of the furniture are wobbly, as this might indicate structural damage. Open and close all drawers to see if they work properly, look for any loose handles or knobs. For wooden furniture, look for cracks or chips and consider if these are repairable or add to the charm and aesthetic of the piece.

When checking for quality, it can also be helpful to know the brand or manufacturer of the piece, as this can give you an indication of its original value and quality. If it is a high-quality brand, it is more likely that the furniture will be durable and long-lasting.

Lastly, consider if the piece of furniture fits your personal style and the existing decor of your home. Even the highest quality item might not be a good fit if it doesn’t align with your aesthetic. Remember that certain pieces can be reupholstered or painted to better fit into your space.

Don’t be afraid to negotiate price if you find any flaws, but keep in mind that buying secondhand is not just about getting a bargain, it’s also about sustainability and giving furniture a new lease of life. Good quality secondhand furniture can often be a great investment, providing you with a unique, well-made piece at a fraction of the cost of buying new. 

What Materials Should I Look for in Consignment Furniture?

Materials play a crucial role in both the longevity and style of the furniture.

Wood furniture, for example, is highly durable and can easily be restored. Similarly, upholstered furniture pieces, like a sofa or couch, require a good-quality fabric that can withstand years of use. Metal furniture, too, is quite popular because of its strength and ability to withstand heavy weight. Even plastic furniture is favored by some for its affordability, lightweight, and easy maintenance. The type of material, however, will also dictate the aesthetics of the furniture—whether it oozes a classic, contemporary, or minimalist vibe. 

For outdoor furniture, materials that can withstand varying weather conditions are often preferred. This includes teak, metal, all-weather wicker, and certain types of plastic. However, for indoor furniture, the choice of materials can vary greatly, depending largely on personal preferences and the desired look of the space. 
However, when choosing the material for your furniture, it’s not enough to just consider durability and aesthetic. The maintenance that the material requires is also an important factor to contemplate. Some materials may require regular polishing or treating, while others might just need a simple wipe-down.

Lastly, consider the environmental impact of your chosen furniture material. Some materials like wood can be sustainable if sourced responsibly, while others such as plastic may harm the environment.
In conclusion, understanding the different types of furniture materials and their properties can help you make an informed decision regarding your furniture purchases. It’s important to choose pieces that not only suit your personal style and interior decor but that will also stand the test of time. 

How Does Style Influence the Price of Used Furniture?

Just like new furniture, the style of a piece of used furniture can greatly impact its price. Vintage furniture, for example, can fetch a higher price due to its unique design and rarity. Additionally, the brand and reputation of the furniture maker also play a significant role in determining the value of used furniture. Furniture makers with solid reputations for quality and durability often have furniture that retains value well.

The condition of used furniture is a major factor in its valuation too. Furniture that has scratches, dents, or stains will be less valuable than a piece that is in pristine condition. However, the age and patina of the furniture can sometimes increase its value, especially in the case of antiques where signs of age might be desirable.

The materials used in the furniture can impact its price too. High-quality hardwoods, premium leather, or luxurious fabrics often add to the price. On the other hand, lower-quality materials such as particleboard or synthetic fabrics may devalue the furniture.

Lastly, the uniqueness and rarity of a piece of used furniture can add to its price. For instance, limited-edition designs, discontinued styles, or pieces with a provenance (a history of ownership) can increase the value of furniture.
Remember, the market can be fickle, so what’s in demand today may not be tomorrow. Style preferences change, and what’s popular and fetching high prices now might not be in the future. Therefore, when buying used furniture, it’s essential to not just focus on potential resale value, but also select pieces you love and will enjoy using. 

How to Maintain Your Vintage and Second-Hand Furniture?

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Consignment furniture items require a bit more care than their brand-new counterparts. Thankfully, maintaining vintage and secondhand furniture is not as daunting as it might seem. With just a few tips and tricks maintaining consingment or second-hand furniture is easy and management.

Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Upholstered Furniture

When it comes to upholstered furniture, routine cleaning is key. Depending on the fabric, it may require professional cleaning or can be treated with a gentle, at-home fabric cleaner.

How to Treat Wood in Antique Furniture?

Wood furniture, especially antiques, require frequent dusting and occasional polishing to maintain their lustre. Over time, dust accumulation can dull the finish of wood furniture and diminish its natural beauty. The part of the dust you can see is only a fraction of what’s there. Tiny microscopic particles can scratch the finish if it isn’t regularly wiped clean.
Begin dusting by gently removing loose dust with soft, lint-free or microfiber cloths, feather dusters, or brushes.

Avoid using all-purpose sprays unless the furniture is laminated (untreated wood can absorb these harsh chemicals, damaging the wood). Instead, use polishes that contain natural oils like lemon and linseed oil. Oils help to clean the wood and protect it against scratches by making the surfaces a little slick. They also bring out the wood’s natural sheen.
Always apply polish directly to the cloth and not the wood surface. Rub the polish gently into the wood in the direction of the grain. Afterwards, buff the area with a separate soft, dry cloth to restore shine.

Polishing only needs to be done every few months, or even just a couple of times a year, depending on the piece of furniture. Always check the manufacturer’s care instructions.
In between polishing, maintain the shine by lightly buffing with a soft, dry cloth whenever you notice that the wood looks a little dull.

When taking care of antique wood furniture, it’s important to use products specifically designed for antiques, as they are formulated to be gentle and won’t strip away the characterful patina that makes antique furniture so appealing. 
Regular dusting and occasional polishing can significantly extend the life of your wood furniture and keep it looking its best for many years to come. However, it’s only a part of the whole process. You should also consider placing your wooden furniture away from direct sunlight and keeping the room’s humidity levels at about 40-60% for optimal longevity. 

Special Considerations When Buying Used Furniture Online

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While buying furniture online offers convenience and a broad range of options, it can also have its own unique challenges. It’s important to understand the terms and conditions of each platform before making a purchase.

Best Practices for Buying from Online Consignment Stores

Each site has its unique policies – from delivery, return conditions to after-sales service. Understanding these before making a purchase can help prevent misunderstandings and disappointments later on.

You can learn more about our policies here at Home Again Consignment Furniture by visiting our Consignment Contract page.

Understanding Delivery and Return Policies on Platforms Like Kaiyo and Aptdeco

Delivery and return policies can greatly vary from one platform to another. For example, companies like Kaiyo and Aptdeco usually handle the pick-up and delivery of the furniture, but their return policies may differ.

Ensuring Safe Transactions on Digital Platforms – Craigslist and One Kings Lane

Online transactions carry a certain level of risk, hence safety is of utmost importance. Platforms like Craigslist and One Kings Lane have their systems in place to ensure safe transactions, but it’s always a good idea to exercise caution. Here are some safety tips for online transactions:

Don’t Give Out Personal Information Until Necessary

The platform you’re using for transactions should provide a certain level of anonymity. You shouldn’t need to give out your full name, address, phone number, or other personally identifying information until it’s necessary for the transaction.

Use a Secured Platform

Use platforms that have SSL secured websites where the URL begins with “https://” instead of “http://”. This indicates the site uses encryption to protect your data.

Don’t Click on Suspicious Links

A popular scam technique is “phishing,” where the scammer sends a link that looks legitimate, but isn’t. Be cautious about clicking on links, especially in unsolicited emails.

Never Share Financial Information

Do not share banking details, credit card numbers, or other financial information without knowing exactly who you’re dealing with. Even then, use secure methods like PayPal when available.

Ship Safely

When shipping items, use a traceable method and share the tracking number with the buyer so they can follow its progress.

Look for Verified Users

On some platforms, users may be verified or have feedback scores. These can provide some assurance of the person’s reputation.

Use Secure Payment Methods

Avoid wire transfers and other untraceable methods. Credit cards offer protection in case something goes wrong, and platforms like PayPal or Apple Pay can provide an extra layer of security.

Take Extra Steps with High-Value Items

For expensive transactions, consider using an escrow service or meeting at your bank. You might also ask your bank for a temporary credit card number to use for that transaction.

Keep Records

Keep all receipts, emails, and records of all transactions in case you need them for future reference.

Report Any Suspicious Activity

If you see something suspicious, be it a product, a buyer, or a seller, report it to the platform immediately.
Remember, if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Always take the necessary precautions to protect your money and your personal information. 

Reselling Your Used Furniture: Tips and Platforms

There may come a time when you’d like to refresh your decor and sell used furniture to fund new purchases. We would love for you to re-sell your Used Furniture at Home Again Consingment but we know not everyone who is viewing this lives close by!

Selling Your Old Furniture on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is not just a place to buy, but also a great platform to sell used furniture. Simple to use, it allows locals to easily see and buy your pieces. 

However, successfully selling used furniture on Facebook Marketplace may require some knowledge and careful planning. Here are some tips to help you navigate this online platform successfully:

  • Listing: Be sure to list your furniture under the right category and provide a clear and detailed description. Specify the materials used, the dimensions, age, condition, and why you are selling it.
  • Pricing: When setting a price for your furniture, be reasonable. Take the original price, age, condition and demand into account. It can also be helpful to browse the marketplace to see how similar items are being priced. This will help you determine a competitive selling price for your own furniture.
  • Photos: High-quality photos are vital when selling online. Make sure your photos are well-lit and clear. Consider taking photos from multiple angles and uploading several pictures to give a full view of the item.
  • Communication: Respond promptly to inquiries from potential buyers. Be polite, friendly, and professional in your communication. This will help build trust with the potential buyer and may lead to a sale.
  • Delivery: Make a clear plan for delivery. Will the buyer need to pick it up, or will you offer to deliver in your local area for an extra fee? Be clear about this in your listing to avoid any misunderstandings later.
  • Negotiation: Be prepared for some amount of negotiation. Facebook Marketplace allows an easy process of putting offers in, so set your price a bit higher than what you’re willing to take for it.
  • Safety Measures: When conducting the transaction, ensure to do it in a public, well-lit place for personal safety. If the item is large and the buyer must come to your home, try to have a friend or relative present at the time of pick-up.

By following these tips, you can increase your chances of selling your used furniture successfully on Facebook Marketplace.

How to Price Your Piece of Furniture for Reselling?

The price of a piece of used furniture predominantly depends on the condition, brand, and whether it’s a common or rare piece. It’s advisable to research similar pieces to get a sense of the going rate. Online resources and auction sites can provide a good reference point for determining the value of a used piece of furniture. A piece in excellent condition will obviously fetch a higher price than one that’s heavily worn or damaged, but remember that antique and vintage items often have wear that contributes to their charm, and thus their value.

Brand name and designer pieces are always more valuable than generic or unbranded ones. For example, a used sofa from a well-known furniture brand or designer could fetch several hundred or even thousands of dollars, while a similar piece from a less-known brand might only be worth a hundred dollars or so.

The rarity of a piece can also significantly affect its value. If it’s a common piece that one can easily find elsewhere, it will be less valuable than a rare piece. For instance, pieces produced in limited numbers or those that were part of a notable collaboration may have a higher value because of their rarity.

If you are trying to sell a piece of used furniture, ensure to clean it and make any necessary repairs to enhance its appeal. Take quality photos and be honest and detailed in your description if you are selling it online.

Remember, ultimately the price of used furniture is determined by what someone is willing to pay for it, so try to present your piece in the best way possible to attract potential buyers. 

Where to Sell Used Furniture Online for the Best Price?

Home Again Consignment Furniture Youngstown Ohio Best Place to Sell Consignment Furniture

There are numerous online platforms available for selling used furniture – from Facebook Marketplace to online consignment shops like Chairish and Aptdeco, the choice ultimately depends on your preferences and the type of furniture you’re selling.

Looking for the best place to sell your gently used consignment furniture and estate pieces in the Youngstown and Mahoning Valley Area? Stop by Home Again Consignment Furniture at 7689 South Ave, Boardman, OH 44512. We’ll put our best foot forward to stage and position your consignment piece to sell. With our 60/40 split and easy-to-complete Consignment Contract selling your consignment furniture can be quick, easy, and most importantly – profitable!

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